About Coppet Hill

"Our family has been custodians of this land for seven decades; my grandfather established a dairy here in the 1950s and cows have long been part of the landscape in the Marshwood Vale, being ideal for growing grass. But in 2021 we took the difficult decision to move out of dairy farming and explore a new more environmental approach of managing the land.

Working with local organisations such as Dorset Wildlife Trust and being mindful of climate change, the environment and biodiversity, we are rethinking how we farm. We will be minimising the use of the plough in order to keep carbon in the ground, and managing our crop rotation and livestock grazing to improve the health of our soil.

Wildlife will be encouraged to thrive in our traditional hedgerows, and we'll be fully embracing the government's new countryside stewardship schemes.

We look forward to welcoming you to our quiet corner of West Dorset, and hope to offer you a unique connection to farming, the landscape, and nature."

Ellen Kingston